White Rock, British Columbia

This is one of my favourite spots for motherhood sessions. I love how wide open it is and how the focus can really be on the connection between the Mother and her baby.

“My mother is from Vancouver Island so she grew up loving the ocean. As children growing up she often took us to the beach here to play during the summer days. It’s been a wonderful experience to now bring my own children to this beautiful beach. This is my last baby so these photographs are a beautiful reminder of this time in my motherhood journey..

Growing up I always wanted to be a mother and have four children. Dreams can come true as my husband and I were blessed with two boys and two girls. I became a mother at a young age and although I read many parenting books to prepare me, nothing quite can until you’re actually experiencing it. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that there are many ways and methods out there, but it is ok to trust my own intuition. Each of my children had a different personality right from the start, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ to motherhood. As a mother to four young children, being able to perform multiple tasks at once is the way it goes. So wearing a ring sling has given me the freedom of being able to use my two arms and still hold my baby close to comfort her. Whenever I’m in doubt about what to do, I default to love. You can never go wrong with too much love and compassion to help raise these little ones up.” - Kali